Kalaburagi, Karnataka
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This course is specifically designed for novices/professionals in the field of HSE looking to improve their awareness and the processes involved with assessing and controlling risks and hazards in the workplace. Whether you are a supervisor or manager looking to implement better health and safety measures within your teams or you are looking to enhance your CV and career prospects, the course is designed to give you all the practical knowledge and skill set.

Why do You need to Take This Course?

Any manager or supervisor in any industry has a moral, legal and financial obligation to be aware of the risks involved within their working environment. Those outsides of a managerial role would also benefit by having the knowledge and skill set required to assess and control hazards and risks. Health and safety risks can be present in any environment and any sector and it’s essential that all organizations have individuals trained to the highest standard. The course is also designed to help professionals to improve their career prospects. Having an IOSH Managing Safely qualification on your resume gives you the edge over other peers and helps you achieve your career goals.

What are the Programme contents?

  • Module 1 – Introducing managing safely
  • Module 2 – Assessing risks
  • Module 3 – Controlling risks
  • Module 4 – Understanding your responsibilities
  • Module 5 – Identifying hazards
  • Module 6 – Investigating accidents and incidents
  • Module 7 – Measuring performance
  • Module 8 – Protecting our environment

What is the Certification criteria?

You will be awarded the IOSH ‘Managing safely’ certificate upon attending the course and successfully completing both the written and practical assessments. There would be a 45-minute written assessment paper comprising 22 questions that are marked on different schemes and a practical assessment


Kalaburagi, Karnataka