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IGG Learning Private Limited Co. was founded more than two years ago and began as merely an agent for the supply of foreign workers. Today, it manages foreign workers, provides manual labour services, and is active in the educational sector. 

Our established working relationships with overseas partners, our experienced senior management team, and our utilisation of information technology in our business operations are our main competitive advantages over our industry counterparts.

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IGG Learning Private Limited Co. pledges to deliver the best value in the market, offering a quality service delivery at a competitive and affordable market price.

As a total solutions provider, our services are tailored according to the unique requirements of each client. With us as your strategic partner, you will no longer have to worry about possible mismatch of quality and expectations among the foreign workers.

We also strive to address any issues related to the welfare of the foreign workers supplied to our clients, alleviating their concerns on business operation interruption

Quality Assurance At IGG Learning Private Limited Co. we do not compromise on the quality of our services and solutions. In order to ensure a strict regulatory compliance and quality standards, we have developed our very-own quality manual. The manual, which is the core of our service delivery, outlines procedures and control in relation to quality management system, communication with customers, revision on quality manual and procedures, management review, training, internal quality audits, evaluation and selection of foreign partners in source countries, and non-conforming services


Clients Are Always Our Top Priority

The most important thing to IGG Learning Private limited co. is your pleasure. Keeping this in mind, we continue to deliver you the best solutions possible for international workers while taking into account your unique demands and specifications.

We Adhere To Regulations & Requirements

IGG Learning Private Limited Co. abides by all current laws and rules established by pertinent government agencies. In order to guarantee uninterrupted service delivery to our clients, we make sure that our operations and the management of foreign staff comply with local rules.

Our Efficient Corporate Culture

In order to speed the documentation and submission of documents pertaining to our services and the administration of foreign workers, IGG Learning Private Limited Co. maintains a high standard for its personnel. Our staff members receive extensive training and are urged to use creativity while solving problems in order to promptly fulfill all of the demands of our clients.

Valuable Company Assets

The highly skilled, driven, and professional staff of IGG Learning Private Limited Co. are considered the company's most valuable assets, and their efforts are valued.

Reliable Strategic Alliances

To meet the growing demand for dependable and high-quality labor, IGG Learning Private Limited Co. has established strategic alliances throughout the years in Bangladesh, Nepal, India, and other Asian nations. The knowledgeable consultants working for our strategic partners have vast cross-cultural experience. 


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